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Thompson-Nicola Regional District

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Thompson Regional Hospital District

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Budget 2016 Highlights

  • Provides funding for 128 individual services, from small local services to regionwide
  • Invests more than $20 million in public safety, including $6.7 million in fire protection to rural communities over the five years
  • Introduces funding for fire protection services in 70 Mile House
  • Invests over $11 million dollars over five years into 11 drinking water and 5 wastewater utility services, including $1.4 million for a new water intake for Black Pines, $1.9 million for new reservoir for Savona, and $620,000 for solids management upgrades for Pritchard sewer system, as well as $XXX for installation of new ultra-violet disinfection systems in many systems.
  • The above capital projects leverages $2.3 million in grant funding and $389,000 in federal gas tax funding
  • Reduces annual taxation needed for solid waste management services by $125,000 from last year
  • Provides for landfill closure work in Blue River at a cost of approximately $400,000
  • Allows for potential additional expenses for solid waste management services in western TNRD due to closure of Cache Creek landfill
  • Introduction of new mosquito control services in the Nicola Valley
  • $8.4 million in continued funding for TNRD Public Library system in 2016, and greater than $40 million over the five years
  • Invests $1.6 million into community parks and $1.4 million into community halls throughout the TNRD over the five years


The Local Government Act states that "a regional district must have a financial plan that is adopted annually, by bylaw, by March 31. The planning period for a financial plan is 5 years, that period being the year in which the plan is specified to come into force and the following 4 years.

The preparation of the financial plan begins in the fall of each year and a provisional financial plan is presented to the Board of Directors at that time. The financial plan incorporates requests from Directors and service committees, any new services as well as staff estimates of funding amounts required to maintain current service levels. The final Financial Plan is then presented in March and adopted before the deadline of March 31.

We want your feedback!

The finance department conducts public budget consultation in conjunction with other service related meetings throughout the year at various locations in the Regional District.

The Regional District encourages input from taxpayers from either the electoral areas or the member municipalities on the Financial Plan. You will find an input form here that you can mail, fax or email to the TNRD; or simply click here to fill out an online form.