Curbside Collection


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Land Use Contract Termination

Is your property affected by a Land Use Contract?

LUCs were legally enabled for a brief period from 1972 to 1978 only, under the then Municipal Act, now Local Government Act. Landowners or developers applied for an LUC via a bylaw to create tailor-made regulations for specific lands. This differed from general zones contained in a typical zoning bylaw. Most LUCs are more specific but also more restrictive than zoning. LUCs are registered on a land title and take precedence over zoning or subdivision regulations on that land. Read more about Land Use Contract Termination

Mosquito Control

The TNRD Nuisance Control Program includes mosquito control with pesticides, public outreach, and mosquito surveillance.
Call the 24 hour Mosquito Advisory Line (250.372.5700) or email BWP Consulting

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Maps & Apps

Over 80 percent of local government information has a spatial component

FAQs Nuisance Mosquito Control

Frequently Asked Questions

My neighbour has an unmaintained swimming pool/pond. Can anything be done about this?

There are no bylaws allowing mosquito control staff to enter private property or to require that residents maintain their pools.

What attracts mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are attracted by body odour, perspiration, heat, light, and carbon dioxide.

Why do mosquitoes bite?

Only female mosquitoes bite and they use the blood to obtain protein for egg development. Read more about FAQs Nuisance Mosquito Control

Whitecroft Land Use & Planning Meeting

The Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD), Development Services, invites all Whitecroft and surrounding area residents and landowners (click here for a map of the area) to a Public Information Meeting on Monday, November 9th, 2015, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, at the Heffley Creek Community Hall (6995 Old Highway No. 5). We will provide information, take questions, and outline planning issues and proposed changes, specifically: Read more about Whitecroft Land Use & Planning Meeting

Community Meetings

2018 Meetings About Fire Protection Services

There are meetings planned in 2018 to discuss the move to TNRD-administered fire service areas in the six communities that have fire departments that are not administered by the TNRD. The volunteer fire departments in these communities are currently run by independent societies, with funds raised through taxation by the TNRD, but new rules and regulations mandate that for them to continue to be funded that way they must become TNRD-administered by the end of 2022. Read more about Community Meetings

Methane Oxidation Beds & Emissions Reporting

The installation of methane oxidation beds at six landfills (Barriere, Clearwater, Chase, Heffley Creek, Logan Lake and Lower Nicola) in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District is a key component in helping the TNRD acheive Carbon Neutrality. Methane oxidation can lead to significant removal of landfill methane, and thus has the potential to earn greenhouse-gas credits. The TNRD has measured and reported carbon emissions to the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program since 2010 and has taken measures to reduce corporate emissions. Read more about Methane Oxidation Beds & Emissions Reporting

Finance Department FAQs


  1. How do Regional District finances differ from municipal finances? Who pays for Regional District services?


  1. I have submitted an invoice to the Regional District for payment. When will I get paid?
  2. How do I bid on contracts for Regional District work?

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