Electoral Areas

Electoral Area Director
A - Wells Gray Country Carol Schaffer
Email: director.cschaffer@tnrd.ca
B - Thompson Headwaters Willow Macdonald

Nomination Packages


Please remember to check our website for any updates made to the nomination package, prior to submitting your documents.


Illegal Dump Sites

Read more about Illegal Dump Sites

Environmental Services Feedback Form

Information provided in response to the Environmental Health Feedback Form may be used by Thompson-Nicola Regional District ("TNRD") both internally and externally, and only on an anonymous basis. Personal information is collected by TNRD under the authority of the Community Charter, the Local Government Act and/or TNRD by-laws and is only used only for purposes necessary and consistent with operation of the TNRD's programs and/or activities. Read more about Environmental Services Feedback Form