Business Owners

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Recovery is the restoration, re-development, and /or rehabilitation of facilities, livelihoods, and living conditions of economically impacted populations to a level that meets, or in some cases improves upon, the original condition.

The TNRD is looking to help business owners who were adversely affected with a meaningful recovery process. To date, this has included multiple community engagement sessions throughout the TNRD in the communities of Clearwater, Clinton, Ashcroft and Cache Creek, data collection to facilitate the quantification of economic loss in the region, a survey of existing programs and supports, and a gap analysis and recommendations for support programs moving forward.

The province of British Columbia has identified the scope of recovery and associated activities under the following foundational components: People, Economy, Environment and Reconstruction. For the purpose of this initiative the scope is Economy, which is defined as: “to nurture an environment that supports the rehabilitation of and reinvestment in disrupted economies and businesses”. Therefore, if you are a business owner, who was negatively impacted by the 2017 TNRD wildfires, we want to hear from you.

This work being undertaken by the TNRD to support businesses is in addition to other initiatives already underway including a dedicated Recovery Manager to support the residents and property owners in the Regional District who were impacted by the wildfires this summer.