Loon Lake Provincial Park Boundary Adjustment Request

Recovery and rebuilding is an ongoing process for the community of Loon Lake after the devastating 2017 Elephant Hill Wildfire. While some homes were lost, and others sustained repairable or minimal damage, residents lost a vital piece of infrastructure when the wildfire destroyed the community’s only fire hall.

The Thompson-Nicola Regional District is requesting a park boundary adjustment of approximately 2.64 acres; the portion of District Lot 7457 (Loon Lake Provincial Park) located on the north side of Loon Lake Rd. The purpose of this request is to secure property for fire hall reconstruction at a location within the community that will protect public safety and maximize the number of properties serviced.

The Loon Lake Provincial Park, that is closed to the public, had been identified as a suitable location by a subject matter expert in a recently completed Fire Services Review as this site is approximately half way along Loon Lake and within 8 km of the most populous area of the  community.

Proposed is a two-bay building with a washroom, storage space, and training area (could be on a second floor) along with an allowance for fleet expansion. Preliminarily sized at 3150 sq ft, the building will have a 45’ x 70’ footprint. Property access and egress  would be directly onto Loon Lake Rd. A potable water supply well will be required along with a gravelled parking area. A pump and haul vault system for waste water is proposed, as this will mitigate soil disruption and eliminate the need for a conventional septic tank and drain field.

Other than paved driveway access/egress to/from Loon Lake Road, there should be no impact outside of the protected area.

View the detailed proposal here: Stage 2 – Detailed Proposal Park Boundary Adjustment Request Former Loon Lake Provincial Park

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