Spences Bridge


Upgraded: 2012
Partnership between the TNRD and Cooks Ferry Indian Band
Customers: 283 (combined Indian Band and TNRD customers, approximately)
Location: Highway 1 - 48 km south of Cache Creek
Water Source: Groundwater wells
Treatment Process: Disinfection with sodium hypochlorite

Notices / Regulations

Utility Master Plan
Water Works Newsletter
Boil Water Notices/Advisories
Notice of Water Regulations & Conservation Measures
Loan Authorization Reminder (January 2016)
PowerPoint Presentation from November 9, 2016, Meeting


Application Process for water connection :

  1. Fill out and submit Schedule A - Application to Connect to Spences Bridge Community Water System with the appropriate connection fee.
  2. The application will be reviewed following approval from the Building Services Department.
  3. On Approval, a letter will be issued to the customer including associated Bylaws, Notices and connection requirements.
  4. Notify TNRD a minimum of 2 days prior to installation for service connection inspection. Failure to have a service connection inspected may result in having to expose the connection at customer's expense.
  5. Quarterly billing commences once water service is turned on. Click here for Utility Rates Schedule

For further information please read the bylaws below or contact :
Manager of Utilities Services
Thompson-Nicola Regional District
300-465 Victoria Street
Kamloops, B.C. V2C 2A9
Phone: (250) 377-8673
Toll Free in BC: 1-877-377-8673
Fax: (250) 372-5048


2507 Water Utilities Rates Bylaw