Methane Oxidation Beds & Emissions Reporting

The installation of methane oxidation beds at six landfills (Barriere, Clearwater, Chase, Heffley Creek, Logan Lake and Lower Nicola) in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District is a key component in helping the TNRD acheive Carbon Neutrality. Methane oxidation can lead to significant removal of landfill methane, and thus has the potential to earn greenhouse-gas credits. The TNRD has measured and reported carbon emissions to the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program since 2010 and has taken measures to reduce corporate emissions. Read more about Methane Oxidation Beds & Emissions Reporting

Finance Department FAQs


  1. How do Regional District finances differ from municipal finances? Who pays for Regional District services?


  1. I have submitted an invoice to the Regional District for payment. When will I get paid?
  2. How do I bid on contracts for Regional District work?

PROPERTY TAXES Read more about Finance Department FAQs

Static Maps

EHS Survey Hours of Operation

The TNRD is seeking input to determine the best days of the week and time of day that some of our waste-management facilities should operate. This comes on the heels of a review of all waste-management facilities and the hours per week they are open. Just click the appropriate link below for your community. Once operating days and times of the day are determined, changes will be rolled out through the summer and fall with all hours to be implemented by October 1, 2015.

Thanks for your feedback! Read more about EHS Survey Hours of Operation

BC Safety Authority – Gas and Electrical Permits

An electrical and/or gas permit may be required. Please contact your local BC Safety Authority office to obtain further information.

Interior Health Authority – Sewerage Disposal Permits

Approval is required from the Interior Health Authority for the installation of a sewage disposal system where sanitary facilities are not available. Approval is also required from the Interior Health Authority when additional bedrooms and/or floor area are being added to an existing dwelling. Read more about Interior Health Authority – Sewerage Disposal Permits

Homeowner Protection Office

The Homeowner Protection Act may govern application for new construction. Please contact their office to obtain regulations and information.

  • Branch of BC Housing 650 – 4789 Kingsway
    Burnaby, BC V5H 0A3

    Telephone: (604) 646-7050
    Fax: (604) 646-7051
    Toll Free in BC: 1-800-407-7757


Building Information Request

The Building Information Request (BIR) process is intended to provide information on the status of a property relating to building permit history. When records are available, the BIR will indicate whether building permits have been issued and if inspections have been carried out. It will also identify if a particular project has received an occupancy certificate, or if any building violations are outstanding. Read more about Building Information Request