Zoning and Land Use

Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR)

Most ALR applications are processed through local government (i.e. TNRD) and then, if approved, they are sent onto the Commission. See the FAQ Sheet below for the process and more information. Read more about Zoning and Land Use

Elections and Voting

Local government elections (regional district, municipal and school board) are now held every four years. Read more about Elections and Voting

Human Resources

As an employer, we live our employment values of: "Working together, we provide exceptional public service in a supportive, flexible environment."

Community Services

Providing leadership, expertise and support to a variety of functions within the Regional District.


The Finance department handles all the ongoing and day to day financial transactions

Emergency Services

The TNRD program will provide the direction and coordination required to respond and recover from major emergencies or disasters.

Mapping & GIS

Over 80 percent of local government information has a spatial component

Bylaw Enforcement

Investigating, educating, mediating and resolving breaches of TNRD bylaws.

Building Inspection Services

Providing health, safety and the protection of persons and property related to building construction.

Nuisance Mosquito Control

Adult mosquito biting counts of more than 3 per minute on 1 forearm are intolerable for most people.