Development Permits

A Development Permit is a kind of land use “agreement” enabled under s. 920 of the Local Government Act. It is a discretionary approval, meaning it is decided based upon conformance to Official Community Plan (OCP) policy. Development Permits in the TNRD typically pertain to development in environmentally sensitive areas or hazardous conditions, for example lands adjacent to lakes, streams or wetlands or areas subject to rock fall, erosion, flooding, land slip, avalanche or wildfire.

See the FAQ Sheet below for more detailed information and the application process: Read more about Development Permits

Variances BOV & DVP


Where a property owner seeks relief or “relaxation” of some land use bylaw requirements, they may apply for either a Board of Variance (BOV) or Development Variance Permit (DVP). These applications may vary certain zoning provisions (e.g. reduce a setback distance) or servicing bylaw requirements (e.g. required well volume); however, they cannot be used to vary a permitted use (e.g. to have several detached dwellings on a parcel) – that is called a “rezoning.”

Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR)



Most ALR applications are processed through local government (i.e. TNRD) and then, if approved, they are sent onto the Commission. See the FAQ Sheet below for the process and more information. Read more about Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR)

Official Community Plans (OCP)

An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a comprehensive statement of goals, objectives and policies to guide decisions on planning and land use management across the lands covered by the Plan.  Developed by the community, for the community, an OCP is a legal document that serves to fulfill the community’s aspirations. Read more about Official Community Plans (OCP)

Public Process

Under the Local Government Act, adopting land use bylaws such as zoning and LUCs requires a public consultation or notification process. This may involve the following:

Land Use Contracts

Further to above, an amendment may be required to a Land Use Contract to permit different land uses or to release a parcel of land from a Land Use Contract.  See the Development Application Form link above to apply.



  Read more about Land Use Contracts

Zoning & Land Use Contracts

 As authorized under Part 26 of BC’s Local Government Act, the regulation of land use, development, and building is the purview of local government. The principal tool local government uses is a zoning bylaw. In the TNRD we have one bylaw, Zoning Bylaw No. 2400, that applies to the entirety of the regional district electoral areas. This regulation tells you what activities or “uses” you can do and where you can build on a parcel of land. In addition, we have inherited historic Land Use Contracts or LUCs that overlap zoning regulations. Read more about Zoning & Land Use Contracts